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Hi, I'm
Jati Pratcoyo

Project & Partnership Manager, BD


  • Name: Jati Pratcoyo a.k.a. tzetta
  • Email: jati@tzetta.com
  • Phone: (+62) 857 5533 0569
  • Date of birth: August 25
  • Address: Jagakarsa, South Jakarta
  • Nationality: Indonesia

Professional Profile

I am a technical person who Graduated in Computer Science. I do everything in Business, Relationship and Planner/Strategic. I can do as an Account, Project & Partnership Manager also Planner and Leader for any purpose. Loving interact in a large of Community and Brand Event. Managing Pre to Post Digital Production. Managing Project IT and Entertainment, Presenting, Broadcast, and Social Media Management.

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Just My Awesome Skills

I start my journey as a Technical person, but time passed, I found my passion in Business and Marketing also everything that related to Relationship such as Account, Project and Partnership also Business Development. I'm quite perfectionist loving Art, Music, Creative things and Technology.


Handling 3 Divisions

Account & Project

More than 15 projects


Leading more than 10 Digital Projects

Business Development

More than 5 Projects


In the course of my career, I learned a lot of things that were my main needs in doing work and outside of work.

  • Linux Server and Networking
  • Web Programming
  • Database SQL/MySQL
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Office Apps skills
  • Adobe Premiere and AE
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Broadcasting
  • Plan & Budgeting
  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Event Management
  • Relationship Management

Language Skills

I like learning languages, currently I'm on process to learn several languages like Chinese, Japanese and some European languages

Indonesia Experienced
English Advanced


8+ Years Experience!

I have worked in various companies, and in all of them I am very grateful to be able to learn many things. I even had the opportunity to build my own company.

AGe Network

CTO, Co-Founder

2018 - 2019
We are Startup Company. Creating Innovation is must, we create this Company to focus on Digital Content Producer and Marketing Specialist for Gaming Industries or Electronic Sports (eSports). We able to do esports event, broadcast event with super high standard that very rare in Indonesia. We experienced handle local, national even International level of event. I'm also co-Founder of AGe Network, our mission is to deliver what Brand want, engage and gain more users through esports. Our proudly partner is Telkom Indonesia Group, SEMC (US Company), PUBG Corp, Tesseract SEA (India) etc.
IRIS Worldwide

Project Manager

2017 - 2018
IRIS is Digital Marketing and CRM Company focuses on Brand Activation, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. I did manage the project from IT Side and Helping Business Development also Account Manager to Manage Client Expectations. I also involved in many divisions from Creative, Activation Team, CRM Team and Developer Team. My proudly partner here and ever work with me is Samsung and Nestle.

Project Leader

2015 - 2017
Supporting as Product Engineer for any purpose in this Company. Graha Telekomunikasi Indonesia is Telecommunication and Building Infrastructure Company that support to create end to end services for for building such as Office Building and Apartment. I support as Pre Sales Engineer and maintain every project. Project that I ever handled is KAHA Tour and Travel for communication using IP in every branches, Permata Kuningan Office Building, Puri Park View Apartment, Cervino Apartment Tebet and Fourseason Hotel Gatot Subroto.
Graha Data Prima

IT Manager

2013 - 2015
As an IT Manager I did a lot in Management Scale, from administrating and maintain Internal also external. I lead Technical Infrastructure's Team and Software Development's Team, also involved in Marketing as Technical Support. In Business Development, I have responsibility to make sure the project goes well and fit to client expectations. My Client with this Company that I ever work with is BNI, Bukopin, Jasindo and OJK (Bank of Indonesia). We also managing product especially for Security, BeyondTrust for Indonesia.
Infotech Media Nusantara

Technical Sales

2011 - 2013
ITMN is Company that's work with IP Telephony Product, this company focuses on IP Telecommunication industry called VoIP. As Technical Support, I did maintain as Client Services Pre and After Sales. Connecting client to our Technical Support's Team to solve every problem. I also helping Marketing to present the Product from Technical Side like presenting for Demo or arranging POC Product. My Client is Toyota Astra Finance, SERA (Astra Group), Lejel Home Shopping.
For a year from 2010 - 2011 I worked for Sumber Alfaria Trijaya as Store Keeper and Support.


Just My Education

When I was in school, I always thought of going to the IT field. But time passed, it turned out that there were many interesting things that needed to be studied outside of technical knowledge.

STMIK Nusa Mandiri

Bachelor's Degree

Computer Science
Studied Computer Science, focusing in Information System and System Analyst. STMIK Nusa Mandiri is University in Jakarta
Bina Sarana Informatika

Associate's Degree

Computer Science
Studied Computer Science, focusing in Computer Informatic Management and Web Programming. Bina Sarana Informatika, (Now) BSI University is Universities in various regions, but I studied in Jakarta
Gov. Voc. High School 2 Kediri

Computer Networking

Computer Science
Studied in Computer Technical and Networking Support with Linux and Windows Server


Some portfolio, features a variety of projects and services

I did a lot of things, without ever choosing what I have to do, I see it as a process of learning new things. But that doesn't mean I do everything, I do it according to my passion and professional purpose.


Let's Keep In Touch

I know that sometimes we meet when it's not right and there is no need at all. But I think we can connect first, I'll be happy to get your message in my email.

Jati Pratcoyo
Jagakarsa - South Jakarta

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